Who are we ?

It was during her business studies that the designer of the MAYLI JAY' brand decided to launch her own clothing brand. Having neither the resources nor the necessary maturity, she puts the project aside but it is only a postponement.
Nine years have passed and now a mother of two children, she has decided to try the adventure again.

“I realized that professionally I was not where I wanted to be and 2020 was a key year which served as a trigger for me to get started. I had to find the activity that was going to satisfy me and allow me to build up a heritage for my children. This is how I embarked on this adventure which was none other than a teenage dream”.

Taking advantage of the boom in e-commerce during this exclusive year from an economic point of view, she created and registered the MAYLI JAY' brand, which is none other than the contraction of her children's first names.
This is how, with a few years of experience and new sources of motivation, MAYLI JAY' was born.

Innovation is at the heart of our work and our main motivations are fitness, well-being, independence and optimism. Our prints are trendy, bold and ultra colorful, the perfect cocktail for sparkling sports sessions!