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Yoga, the key to well-being and spirituality.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a complex system of therapy formulated in the Orient and now famous throughout the world. Even though yoga is a complete system which includes different methods such as Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Yoga, it is the exercise part called yogasana which is most popular in the West.

Why practice Yoga?

Yoga practitioners advocate several physical, psychological and spiritual benefits and the testimonies of many followers support their argument.

Wellness yoga, also known as ashtanga yoga, is a type of exercise that promotes meditation, breathing techniques, and balance. It is much gentler than other types of yoga and focuses on the health of body and mind. It's an ideal workout for anyone who wants to increase their focus, get in shape, and improve their overall health .

People doing yoga outdoors

Yoga allows a control of the breath which favors the reduction of the tensions and contributes to a better management of the stress. Improved concentration and clarity of mind leads to increased skills and productivity. In business, it would therefore be wise to set up yoga poses rather than coffee poses. Given the complexity and cost of setting up such an activity, companies have all opted for the coffee machine.

The advanced spiritual benefits of yoga include psychic control, mind control, and thought control. Relaxation in thought also helps to easily acquire new knowledge.

Along with the improvement in general health, the flexibility and attitude of one who practices yoga also changes. According to experiences, people who have started practicing yoga have become more compassionate towards their environment and their fellow human beings.

Controlling one's own thoughts also helps to remove materialistic pressures from life. However, the ultimate spiritual benefit of yoga is self-realization and self-understanding helps to ensure healing from pain in body and mind. The rejuvenation of the mind and the improvement of health through the practice of yoga is beneficial and opens the way to spiritual liberation.

Yoga, an activity to develop your spirituality.

Usually spirituality refers to something related to religion or God. However, from the perspective of yoga, spirituality is not only about God but also about the soul or the inner consciousness. Yoga was certainly linked to religions as most of its preachers were "sanyasis" , the Hindu religious beggars. However, yoga had a broader perspective and was seen as the method to achieve inner awareness.

Hindu believers say that yoga triggers the energy circles of the body and helps to achieve the quintessence of energy. Yoga actually uses the techniques to achieve absolute peace. According to the principles, the goal of yoga is to bestow complete freedom from birth, death, and the concomitant evils of life. However, if you are not religious enough, the basic spiritual benefits such as improved focus, regulated breathing, and clarity of mind will definitely be beneficial in restoring a healthy life.

Mastering breathing will be an advantage in losing tension and helping to better manage stress. Improved focus and clarity of mind help you improve your skills and increase your productivity.

An activity accessible to beginners.

If you are a beginner, you can consider taking classes with a yoga instructor or at least learning the basic poses with a yoga teacher. A wellness yoga instructor will be able to teach you the best yoga positions, while explaining the different breathing techniques involved. Many health spas offer courses for beginners. You can very easily attend wellness yoga classes in your area.

Yoga: a sport in the era of time.

The practice of Yoga being more and more widespread, the number of Yoga teachers has seen its number grow with the demand. Most of these classes feature a series of yoga exercises that are perfect for beginners. After just a few classes, you start to see results on your focus.

The popularity of yoga is increasing tremendously as the scientific crowd comes up with evidence supporting the benefits of yoga. Nevertheless, the most pronounced benefit of yoga, which sets it apart from other similar therapies, is its spiritual benefits.

In conclusion, Yoga is much more than a sport, it is a way of life to adopt if you are looking for spirituality or simply physical and mental well-being.

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