Des femmes qui portent des vêtements de sport

The place of women's sportswear today.

Since the 1950s, women's sport has been increasingly democratized both in the mainstream media and in the clubs themselves. Indeed, women are more and more sporty and maintain themselves as well at home, in the gym or even in clubs. Along with this release, outfits and fashions have changed and more feminine sportswear is now plentiful in stores. So, we can ask ourselves what is the place of women's sportswear in 2022?

What is sportswear?

What we mean by this term is simply the designation of a set of outfits intended for sport. These outfits can be worn for physical activity but not only. Indeed, many women wear sports outfits on a daily basis either because they correspond to their personalities or their "mood" of the moment or to show their belonging to a dynamic group, in the same way as men who walk around. in jogging-basketball. In this way, it is not uncommon to see women in leggings and bras without attending a sports session.


Why wear sportswear?

But then, what are the benefits of wearing sportswear if not for playing sports?

When we talk about sports textiles, we are first talking about clothing that stands out for its quality of manufacture. They offer maximum comfort and are resistant to all conditions. Take the example of leggings, one of the many advantages of which is that they are suitable for most sports activities, including fitness, yoga or even running.

The main reason: "Comfort"

First of all, the interest of such an outfit is of course comfort. Unless you choose voluntarily very tight leggings, these clothes have the advantage of allowing you to perform loose movements with ease and to always be comfortable whether you are doing yoga, bodybuilding or gymnastics.

The sports bra, on the other hand, offers total support for the chest, which contributes to its stability during exercise and promotes firmness. From this point of view, sportswear has more than one advantage and therefore arouses a lot of interest as everyday clothing.

Thus, the main reason for wearing these outfits is the practice of physical and/or sporting activities. However, it should be specified that is qualified as physical activity, all activities which require a great freedom of movements of the body. As a result, in general, the average woman who has to juggle between her active life, her family life and all other activities related to her home, sees sportswear as an ideal ally to facilitate the management of her daily life. Over the decades, in addition to being more and more trendy and feminine, the sportswear outfit has gone from the status of casual clothing to that of “casual” clothing.

The sportswear message

Only, the place of women's sportswear does not stop there. Indeed, this sports outfit and its comfort also sends a message. The outfit brings dynamism to the femininity. That is to say that in addition to highlighting the feminine curves of the one who wears leggings or a bra, these clothes convey a message of dynamism and transmit an image of an active woman whether you are a female employee, entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom. Sportswear then makes it possible to send a clear message of femininity and sportsmanship to others. This is especially the case if you have an athletic physique.

Are sportswear clothes reserved for men?

As we have just seen, the role of women's sportswear is still present and will be in the future. Even though women wear joggers with a relatively masculine cut, in terms of sportswear, leggings and bras are undoubtedly clothes that highlight feminine curves. In this way, sportswear is not a mode reserved for men, on the contrary, since women are as sporty as their male counterparts but just as feminine in their discipline.

Where to find sportswear for women?

Sportswear for women, you can find it absolutely everywhere. Now you have two choices.

  • The first is to go to the store. The advantage of the latter is to be able to try the models and to call on a salesperson. The problem is that you are never certain to find models that you like, nor to find your size.
  • The second is to order on the internet. Today, many online stores specialize in women's sportswear. In this way, you will have a wide choice of models in addition to being delivered directly to your home. Following the site's return policy, you'll have the option to try on the clothes at home and send them back if they don't fit. There are therefore many advantages to going through an online store.

What to remember

In short, we have just seen what the place of women's sportswear is in 2022. Thus, it is gaining momentum and is increasingly in demand by women. And for good reason, whether it's for playing sports, being comfortable at home or even adopting a unique style, sportswear is one of the most fashionable clothing styles today. We therefore hope that this article has enabled you to have a clear vision of this phenomenon which floods our stores and our streets.

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